The scenarios of design, art and technology coupling are becoming more and more numerous with the introduction of artificial intelligence into our everyday life. Science fiction movies are beginning to take shape and we are all left with our mouths open waiting for the lightning developments. Artists from all over the world are experimenting and art is pushing the boundaries of human possibility.

Midjourney is an AI project that is radically changing the way we approach imagination as the dominant factor in art. It travels at whirlwind speeds and undoubtedly breathes new life into contemporary art.

More specifically, the Midjourney AI program, created by a research lab led by David Holz, co-founder of LeapMotion, creates digital paintings that are derived from users’ text descriptions. Using the Midjourney project, Jason Allen from Colorado won first prize at the annual Colorado Art Competition by submitting his work “Théâtred’ Opéra Spatial”.

The Midjourney project appeared on the social platform, Discord, enabling creators to share their works and express their opinions and artistic concerns.

  • How to use the Midjourney programme?

First, we need to create a Discord account to access the official Midjourney server. From this point we will be able to navigate to one of the many open chat rooms available, the “channels”.

To create Midjourney images, we will need to type the word “imagine” and then describe in text the image we want to create. Midjourney, after processing the data, will suggest four different images, from which we can choose the image we like the most and upgrade or reconfigure it with the help of the program.

  • Does artificial intelligence threaten art?

With the penetration of artificial intelligence into our lives, many ethical questions arise. Artists around the world are wavering on the use of the Midjourney program and whether, in the end, the creation of digital paintings with the help of artificial intelligence belong in the realm of art.

  • Does artificial intelligence affect art and its world?

Art is a process of experimentation and transgression of boundaries, which conveys knowledge and emotions by cultivating communication and building coded worlds. By extension, AI can be the tool with which the artist can express himself or herself effortlessly and without constraints.

The term artificial intelligence, or AI, has been illustrated by science fiction films starring machines with free will, emotions, and the ability to learn autonomously. The question remains unanswered as to whether AI is defending art or trying to oust it from its throne. The Midjourney project ‘copies’ artists’ styles and styles by creating original digital images, so who is claiming the copyright to the new creations?

It is only a matter of time before we find out the changes that AI can bring about in the art industry as we have known it so far and whether it can co-exist with or overlap with it.