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Scope of the Cookies Policy

The company under the name “XDIGINET SIGNLE MEMBER PRIVATE COMPANY” with its registered office in Ioannina, Handeli St., No. 8, with Tax Identification Number  801138234 (hereinafter referred to as “Company” or “XDIGINET“)guarantees the respect of your personal data and your privacy when browsing this website (hereinafter referred to as “Website“). In this context, under this Policy we wish to provide you with information about the cookies we use, the information we collect with them and how the Company uses them. The use of cookies is therefore carried out in order to serve the purposes of our legitimate interests in accordance with article 6, par. 1, subpar. f of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter “Regulation“) and after obtaining your consent, where required, in accordance with article 6, par.1, subpar. a of the Regulation.


By using the XDIGINET Website you agree that we may use cookies in accordance with the terms of this Policy.


What are cookies

Identification files “cookies” are self-installing text files with short content, which are stored on the computer or other electronic devices (e.g., mobile phones, tablets, etc.) of the user visiting a website. In this way, the website remembers your actions and preferences (e.g., language, font size and other preferences) for a period of time, so you do not have to enter these preferences each time you visit the website or when you navigate from one page to another. Cookies help you navigate in a more user-friendly environment and generally improve the user experience. They also make sure that the promotions you see online are more relevant to your interests. They do not personally identify the user, but only the device you are using through a randomly generated identifier. In addition, cookies do not cause any harm to your terminal device, as they do not contain harmful programs such as viruses or trojan horses.

Below, you will find detailed information about the categories, the type of cookies used by our Website, their purpose, the providers we use as well as their storage duration.


Categories of cookies

There are two main categories of cookies:

  1. Temporary cookies (session cookies), which are deleted immediately after you finish your browsing and close your browser.
  2. Persistent cookies, which remain in your browser’s cookies file even after you close your browser for a certain period of time or until you delete them. The exact duration of the lifetime of each cookie depends on each individual cookie. Persistent cookies are used so that XDIGINET knows who you are for more than one website visits (e.g., to remember your preferred language).


Use of cookies

The main purposes for which cookies are used for, have as follows:

  • to improve our services and the user experience on the Website
  • for technical purposes necessary for the efficient operation of the Website
  • to promote advertising messages or targeted actions (targeting, remarketing/retargeting).


Also, cookies may be used to compile anonymous, aggregated statistical studies that allow us to understand how the public uses our Website, helping us to improve its structure and content as well as the provision of our services. We cannot verify your personal identity from this information.



Types and Use of Cookies

This Website uses the following types of cookies:

Α. Essential Cookies. They are essential to the operation of the Website. They allow you to browse and use the features of the Website, such as accessing secure areas. They are necessary for the operation of the Website and without them it would not be technically possible to provide the services of the Website. In accordance with the law, no action is required from you in order to accept their installation, unlike the other types of cookies for the installation of which we require your prior explicit consent.



B. Optional These cookies enable us to continuously improve our level of service by collecting information about the use of the Website, e.g., which pages you visit most often and whether you receive error messages from our Website. These cookies do not collect any information that identifies you, as this is collected in aggregate and remains anonymous. They are only used for statistical purposes to help improve the operation of the Website.



Performance cookies 2

Cookie key Domain Cookie usage Cookie type Expiration Description
More info mandatory First-party 1 day This cookie is set by Google Analytics. It stores and

update a unique value for each page

visited and is used to count and

track pageviews.

More info mandatory First-party 2 years This cookie name is associated with

Google Universal Analytics –

which is a significant update to Google’s more

commonly used analytics service. This cookie

is used to distinguish unique users

by assigning a randomly generated number as

a clientidentifier. It is included

in each page request in a site and used to calculate

visitor, session and

campaign data for the sites analytics reports.



Targeting cookies 1

Cookie key Domain Cookie type Cookie usage Expiration Description
More info First-party mandatory 1 minute This cookie is part of Google


and is used to limit requests

(throttle request rate).



Functionality cookies 1

Cookie key Domain Cookie usage Cookie type Expiration Description
More info mandatory First-party 1 year To store language settings.



How to manage cookies

You can either proceed by accepting all cookies (“Accept All“), which will allow you to access all the functionalities of the Website, or you can proceed by adjusting your cookie preferences (“Cookie Settings“).


We will remember your choice regarding cookies for one year. When this period has elapsed, or if you visit us from a new device or new browser, we will ask you again. Unfortunately, if you do not wish to have any cookies installed, you should not use our services and manually delete from your browser any cookies that have already been set.


Change options – Consent withdrawal  

You may at any time change the choice you have made regarding cookies on our Website. Any consent you have given regarding the use of cookies can be revoked and will be valid for the future, i.e., from this change onwards, no (specific) cookies will be used by our Website on your device.

You can modify your options for the use of cookies via the following hyperlink: COOKIE SETTINGS



Browser control – Remove cookies

You can also control and manage cookies through your browser settings. Among the options you have are, for example, accepting all cookies, having a warning about the installation of cookies or prohibiting the installation of cookies. Similarly, through your browser settings, you can reverse any acceptance of cookie installation by our Website by deleting the files already stored.

To manage and deactivate cookies, you can follow the relevant instructions per program:


Processing of Personal Data

To learn more about the processing of your personal data and your rights, please visit XDIGINET’s Privacy Policy.


Updates of the Cookies Policy

XDIGINET may amend this Cookies Policy from time to time in order to comply with regulatory changes, to optimize its operations and services. Any updates, modifications will be posted on this Website with a date indication, so that it is known which is the most recently updated version.


Revised: July 2022